Monday, 3 March 2014

Is it just me, or has time actually sped up ? Mileage 169,517.

I cant fathom that its been 3 months since I last posted an update, but it really is ! Dizzy has run virtually trouble free for a few months, including a trip to Rugby for my mates dad's funeral. That same week - just a few day later in fact - and it went bang on my way to work. Losing drive just as you pull off a busy motorway is not a good idea. Thankfully a fellow road user; seeing my plight, stopped and towed me to safety. The RAC (bless em) got me home later in the day.
As I've been saying for a long time, I'm no mechanic. But, sitting in the car with engine running, in first gear, with diff lock on, together with the handbrake on, and not moving - even I knew it was drastic.
A couple of days later it was all diagnosed by Cliff, my good friend who lives nearby. The output shaft from the gearbox had sheared away the teeth on the end that link to the intermediate gear cog in the transfer box...... eBay here I come !

Managed to strike a good deal with a fellow enthusiast in Essex, for a secondhand Gearbox, Brand new clutch kit, and Brand New HD cluth fork, all for £60. This was followed by purchase of new Intermediate Gear and Timken OEM bearing from Island 4x4 in Maidstone. These parts were ordered at 3.30pm and arrived the next morning. Top work Sam .Next on the shopping list was new fluids - ATF & EP90, which I purchased from Aghabridge , speak to Ollie .
Having assembled all the parts, I just had to coerce Cliff into fitting everything.  The recent chain of events sadly preventing me from even lifting a spanner. I'm once again eternally grateful to all involved in helping me keep Dizzy on the road.
With all this going on, I still found time to meet Jerry & Sue. Jerry is competing in the Mac challenge this week. I wish him luck. It's gonna be a tuff few days.
Thats all for now, I'm looking forward to driving Dizzy again real soon.
Take care all.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Wow, what a busy month ! Mileage 166500

Sorry I've not blogged for a while, I've been a tad busy!
I recently got in touch with an ace welder, who kindly offered to re attach my drivers side A Post toi the sill. Not an easy task I can assure you, especially when the base of the a post, together with the sill and floor in the immediate area are also completely rotten.
In order to make a good job, we collectively decided to strip back the sodden carpets and soundproofing in the footwell, and go searching for some solid steel. We did find some , but it wasn't easy ! Before welding commenced, the affected areas were sprayed with some magic potion to make welding easier! It turned the remaining surface rust a much darker shade, and easier to weld to.
Dan; a farrier by trade, did an excellent job of reforming the bottom of the A Post, and fabricating a new sill section. Then a plethora of small patches were welded in to cover all the remaining little "vents". This was followed by a liberal coating of Zinc based primer. The soundproofing was removed and carpets re fitted.

Job done. If you need someone in Kent, Dans' the man !

Next up was shopping time! I have been acquiring bolt ons for the disco, and it was time to start attaching them ! I nipped to see my mate Andy, picked up my snorkel and steering guard that he had saved for me from the now retired "Wallet".

First job of the day was fitting the snorkel. Its a genuine Safari item, but being second-hand came without a template. We soon mashed one up and got busy with the tools. Didn't takre long to wreck the wing !

The end result looked a whole lot better. Tiger seal made up the gap between air filter housing and snorkel, and is now good to go. 

As the light faded, I managed to get the light bar fixed into place, CB aerial mounted, and lights bolted into position. I think its starting to look real good. Just need to get the wiring done now!

Work is coming along nicely on my new hand fabricated front bumper, but due to technical difficulties I can't upload any pics.

I had another minor problem last Friday evening with a loss of power steering efficiency. This manifested in a leak on one of the pipes from steering box to Power steering pump. Thanks then to Des at Pegasus Garage in Rainham, Kent for supply a used part which got me out of a hole. I fitted this in the rain on Tuesday morning before work. Oh the joys of ownership.....

Talking of the joys, I decided today to change the oil in my Transfer Box. Well, it wasn't raining when i started !!!! A job well worth doing never the less. When I had drained all the mucky gloop I topped up with nice fresh EP90. Purely by luck, I noticed while under the car that all the grease nipples on the props were not only in line, but accessible too. Thats a job for tomorrow when the rain has stopped ! 

So there you have it, loads done, and loads more to do.

Love my Landy, Honest !!!!


Monday, 7 October 2013

A few jobs done - 29th September 2013

Had quite a productive day, tidying up the shed, and fitting a few new bits !
The NSF Headlight was well overdue for replacement, and I had got this one from fleabay for a tenner. Was listed as VGC, I would say its Mint !
The Cubby box with hinged lid was picked up from a private seller at LRO Peterborough for £3. All I need now is the little coin tray to sit inside ! Have you got one ?
Finally, the CB that was a gift from Luke & Rachael has found a new home.

Seems there's always something to do.

Best get on !


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Clear Side Repeaters & Other Stuff

I have just put these clear side repeaters on the car. I got them from the "Bolt on Bits" ebay shop, cheaper than at LRO Peterborough! Only a 2 minute job, and look great.

In other news, Jen & I have signed up as Distributors for the Utilities Warehouse group, so if you want a great deal on Gas & Electric, Home Phone, Broadband and mobile phone then click HERE

We look forward to saving you lots of money .


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Milestones gone and L2B looming

Have flown past the 165000 miles mark, and now well on the way to the next "6000" mile service - fluids and filters.

Now I have to start getting my truck ready for L2B on Sunday 6th October. I will once again be joining the NORK's both in their convoy and on their club stand.

Obviously I missed it last year, but hope to see you there this time.

This years chosen charity is MERU.


New Boots

 Just picked these bad boys up for £170 - part worn!

The 2 at the bottom are Kingpin Amazon 235 70 16, and having done just 50 miles are brand new.

The top 2 are Malatesta Kobra 235 70 16, and are about half worn.

Have also acquired some Weller steel wheels.

Plans for the truck are looking good !

Friday, 13 September 2013

As has become a new routine, we made the pilgrimage to LRO Peterborough, for the 3rd year in a row. We took the caravan again, and were lucky enough to be invited onto the Norfolk Off Road Klub (NORK's) stand once again. 
The weekend was very sunny, and after setting up on the Friday afternoon we set off for a look round. There were plenty of Clubs represented and it was nice to meet some old  and some new friends. I picked up some Wheels from Paul Papper on the Olli 4x4 Stand, and also met for the first time Luke & Rachael in the camping area. Luke generously donated some old CB's which  I shared around The club stand, and kept one for myself.
I spent far too much money, but thats what the shows all about! My haul included New Light Bar with 4 Spots, and a CB mount plate, a Yellow 3' "Twig", a new er cubby box with working hinges, Jate ring, Wheel chock, some steel wheel nuts, and a years subscription to LRO Magazine, which yielded a free OzTent branded camping chair for Jen.
The kids also loved spending my hard earnt on the funfair. All in all a great weekend.
We clocked up just over 380 miles on the trip with no issues.

Car mileage now knocking on the door of 165K, and so far going good.